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Anahit is structured to operate as a B2B cannabis company, with revenue primarily driven by wholesale of cannabis flower (bud), extract and other derivative products to corporate customers.

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Our Products

All of our CBD formulations are derived from the female Cannabis Sativa plant and are pharmaceutically standardized, manufactured in Federally regulated commercial production facilities. We strive to provide consumers with high-quality, safe, and effective products. These products have been approved for export.

Our Story

Bridging The Gap Between Market Potential & Demand Anahit is a Toronto-based company committed to bridging the gap between emerging market potential and developed market demand in the international cannabis industry, following a primarily wholesale (B2B) model. This includes cultivation in emerging, regulated jurisdictions where we can utilize the best natural climates for low-cost, high-quality outdoor cannabis production.

Our Story

Our Markets

Toronto-based Anahit follows a primarily wholesale (B2B) model, which includes cannabis cultivation in emerging regulated markets (e.g. Caribbean and other low-cost high-quality farming regions) along with extraction for local and export markets, supplemented by an extraction-only LP facility in the Greater Toronto area (GTA).

Extraction-Only LD in GTA

Anahit has signed a binding LOI to acquire certain operating assets and 22,000 sq.ft building in the GTA.


Jamaica presents a significant opportunity to obtain unique strains, cultivate high-end flower and obtain a higher value for its products.


Anahit has identified 2 parcels of land near Bogota and Santa Marta which would enable cultivation of uptown 25 acres at each location.

+ More in 2019

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